10 June 2010

the forgotten borough

Staten Island.  The borough that no one talks about.  The borough that no one really cares about, has never been to, or even realizes is part of NYC.  It must be hard to be Staten Island.  All alone, with only a few connections to the outside world, she sits witnessing the gentrification and trendiness of her three older siblings: Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx.  

I've lived in NYC for 7 years and have never been to, or even thought of going to, Staten Island for one second.  Not that it's dirty or scary, but unless you live there, the reasons to go are non existent.  That is, until my husband made friends with a dude named Pete, who along with his wife Lena, live on Staten Island.  

Last Saturday, we took the train to another train to a boat to a five minute walk and ended up at their super huge apartment*.  I snapped the above shot of the Brooklyn Bride from the Staten Island ferry.  The ferry ride was great for the first ten minutes.  For the next twenty, I just kept wondering when we were going to get there, how fast this boat could possibly go, why there should be dolphins in the Hudson River, how do people ride this boat twice a day, and where is the closest snack stand.  

*this is what happens in Staten Island: huge apartments for cheap.

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  1. The closest snack stand is on the boat!! And the beers are real cheap too.