12 January 2011

Introducing....Hey Babe Studio!!

My new company, Hey Babe Studio, is here!  I use silk ribbons to create colorful and fun accessories and decorations for weddings and events.  My first collection, includes ring pillows, decorative flags, and cake toppers.  

With a new company, comes new contact information:
Email: michelle[at]

Please contact me at any of the above outlets from now on out.  

18 November 2010


New endeavors are being explored.

These new things take time.  A lot of time.  Time that sometimes I wish I didn't chose to do ExcitingWonderfulThings and instead was sitting on the couch watching Bravo.

Can't have everything, right?  At least, not right now.

Email if you need me!

michelle.edgemont (at)

17 June 2010

UPS must be joking.

The details aren't important here.  What is important, is that I expected a package to be left at my apartment door today from UPS (which, to note, UPS has left packages at my door in the past).  Instead of the box, was a note stating FINAL delivery attempt.  I called UPS, and the following conversation ensued:

Me:  (explained situation to dimwit who answered the phone)

Dimwit: "If you are not home to receive the package, UPS can no longer leave it at your apartment door.  Our policy has changed due to many reported stolen packages in your neighborhood.  You can pick up the package at the warehouse during the next five business days from 9-6."

Me:  "I am not home all day and I am not available 9-6 to pick up the package.  Please help me get my box."

Dimwit: "what, do you, like, work or something?"

Yea, I, LIKE, WORK or SOMETHING.  I wonder what the "something" was meant to be?  Sit around all day and scratch my butt?  Walk around the neighborhood and steal everyone's UPS packages?  Just hang out in my apartment all the darn day long and wait for that one random UPS package I get once every few months???  


16 June 2010

cold soups. yay or nay?

It's almost summer so I guess this is the time for some experimenting with cold soups.  Tonight's test lab subject was Chilled Pea and Mint soup.  I found the recipe while doing some online grocery shopping at FreshDirect. 

(side note:  I live four blocks from the grocery store, but I do not know how I survived before online food shopping.  Oh wait, I know how, by always buying too much at the actual store and then BARELY make the walk home before either falling over or having plastic bag handles cut off the circulation in my fingers.)

Back to chilled soups.  Aren't these really just smoothies in a bowl?  Or in the case of gazpacho, salsa in a bowl?  I have yet to meet a gazpacho that I like.  I'll try to order it in a restaurant, but always want to ask for a side of chips.  Coooome oooon....IT'S SALSA YOU EAT WITH A SPOON.  Anyone love gazpacho and can lead me towards the best recipe ever for it?  

Besides chunky gazpacho, the rest of popular chilled soups are either savory or sweet.  Once I had the most amazing chilled strawberry soup on a cruise boat.  Again, this is a smoothie in a bowl that just happens to be made with 75% heavy cream and eaten with a spoon.  Anything mixed with heavy cream is a recipe for a good 'ole time.  

Unfortunately, this Chilled Pea and Mint soup lacks heavy cream.  It is so simple, it doesn't really warrant a recipe, the ingredients are:  

A bag of frozen peas
Handful of Mint
Half a handful of scallions
dash of salt
dash of sugar
a few cups of vegetable broth

Puree all ingredients in a blender until smooth.  Chill.  Eat.  

It  It needed....something.  Like roasted onion.  Or a sharp cheese.  Or maybe a dribble of heavy cream?  Yes.  YES.  Heavy cream next time it is.  

10 June 2010

the forgotten borough

Staten Island.  The borough that no one talks about.  The borough that no one really cares about, has never been to, or even realizes is part of NYC.  It must be hard to be Staten Island.  All alone, with only a few connections to the outside world, she sits witnessing the gentrification and trendiness of her three older siblings: Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx.  

I've lived in NYC for 7 years and have never been to, or even thought of going to, Staten Island for one second.  Not that it's dirty or scary, but unless you live there, the reasons to go are non existent.  That is, until my husband made friends with a dude named Pete, who along with his wife Lena, live on Staten Island.  

Last Saturday, we took the train to another train to a boat to a five minute walk and ended up at their super huge apartment*.  I snapped the above shot of the Brooklyn Bride from the Staten Island ferry.  The ferry ride was great for the first ten minutes.  For the next twenty, I just kept wondering when we were going to get there, how fast this boat could possibly go, why there should be dolphins in the Hudson River, how do people ride this boat twice a day, and where is the closest snack stand.  

*this is what happens in Staten Island: huge apartments for cheap.

09 June 2010

Guns and Burgers

This post is about my husband's birthday, but before we get to him, let's look above at this picture of me stuffing my face with a burger.  

I'll pause while you admire my freshly cut bangs.

This wasn't just any meat sandwich, it was a Shack Burger from The Shake Shack.  Best burger on the face of the planet.  And yes, I've had In-and-Out, the Shack Burger is highly superior.  Argue with me if you will.  The next you're in NYC, a visit to Shake Shack is in order, my treat.

Hello crinkley cut fries...

After our bellies were full, we headed over to the Westside Rifle & Pistol Range.  Adam has always wanted to shoot a gun, and being the awesome wife that I am, planned a nice afternoon of ammo and bullseyes.

As stated by our instructor, multiple times, I'm a natural at holding a rifle.  Actually aiming and shooting the rifle to hit the target, not so natural at that.  

Check out all the holes in the targets!  Sharp shooting is an Olympic sport, yes?  Pardon me while I go start training for Summer 2012...

18 May 2010

unsolicited advice #187

After you discover a candy-by-the-pound place TWO BLOCKS from your office, do not think of excuses to walk by to just "check it out."  Because, every human over the age of three knows that it is almost impossible to "check out" a full blown, colorful, delicious candy buffet without leaving carrying a full bag of treats.